Why Us

Why Us

Commodities Specialist

International Experience & Local Expertise

Scalable Partner led Small teams

Value Driven

How Are We Different?

We are turning the business of law on its head by our exclusive dedication to your business sector. We are legal and commercial experts in the entire lifecycle of the commodities chain.
We are a new generation of lawyers: interwoven, invested and immersed in the businesses we work with.

Our size is our strength. We have curated the best practises and experiences from global law firms into a boutique offering that is world-class in its sector.
In doing so we are able to collaborate with select clients using small teams and leveraging on technology and third-party solutions with the aim of producing practical and cost-effective services.

We do not try to be all things to all people nor we do organize ourselves on traditional legal silos.
We are your “in-house counsel” to identify risks, mitigate operational issues and your “external experts” for specialized structuring and disputes.

Most of all, our philosophy is that we come from a place of meaningful service: every interaction authentic and every outcome, bespoke.